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Sovereign Hills, Ballarat

DAY 6 After an exhausting day in Grampians, I continued my journey to Ballarat which was 1.5 hours away.  This is also my last stop before I get back to CBD. Sovereign Hill It was a gold mining place that converted into mining museum and they preserve everything well enough that make the visitor have… Continue reading Sovereign Hills, Ballarat

Australia, melbourne

Grampians Victoria- a hike to remember

Day 5- Day Trip in Grampians From Great Ocean Road, now we have reached Grampians. Upon request by guest, I have included Grampians into itinerary, which is new place to me. As I had 3 elderly ( average 60-70 yo) , 3 at 40's, relying on 3 at 20's to look after.    I drove to… Continue reading Grampians Victoria- a hike to remember