Hi I am Sunny.

I travel often, within my capability an income as an auditor who now an accountant. I tend to go for countries that have entire different culture, best if they do not speak my language. I am from Malaysia, a country who has diversified, multi nation with entirely different culture. I speak
English – world international language.
Chinese – countries like PRC, taiwan, singapore
Malay- which suffice me to survive in indonesia
Hokkien – can survive in Taiwan (they call it mi nan), Fujian district in PRC.
Cantonese- can survive in Hong Kong

It is interesting for you to visit Malaysia because
-> you cannot imagine how a country made up of so much different culture people unless you witness yourself. Walking on a street with many different skin tone people.
-> You will never know that the benefit of the multi cultural nation, eg the factory will never shut down from operation especially during festive season because we always have other nation to replace us, all celebrates at different timing.
-> because we are made up from different nation, hence we are one of the countries that having the most holiday. More than 20 days across the year.
-> you can never imagine how we eat. See it yourself here.
-> we have beaches that we are really proud of. Just google.

Malaysia is a good place to visit because due to our constantly depreciating currency (thanks to the top’s effort ), everything is seems so cheap to you. But PLEASE ensure your safety when you have step in Malaysia. Our crime rates just somehow work opposite way of our currency. It is increasing like how our currency drops. Came on! you just need to be careful of your bags, don’t linger on a dark street alone. or dress like a freak inviting people to rob you. pretty standards right?
At least we do not have bombs everywhere, or people taking guns and start shooting everywhere.

I enjoy doing research for trips,
because its always take longer time that the actual trip itself,
I enjoy sharing the joy that I gain from each trip.
Then, I realised I started to forget what have I done, the details in that trip
So, I feel is better to pen it down rather than stay it in my aging memory.
During the process of writing it down, I actually feel I am on that trip again, reminiscing bits by bits.
Maybe someone will find these are useful, who knows.

santorini- endless love for it.

I’m peculiar with food.
being nice/delicious will not suffice, must have surprise.
I’m careful with finance vs quality
living with best value for money is my favourite game 🙂
I’am not a good writer
Grammar nazzi, sorry for making your eyes sore. Just look at the pictures okay?

Mount Kinabalu. conquered that when I was still a “fit” fatty

p/s: whatever i post, is deemed best/must order/must do at that place. So don’t doubt, just go in and do the same! shouldn’t gone wrong.
Ya. Just trust me 🙂

I should visit all the colourful building around the world


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