Post Mongolia Syndrome

I have been back from Mongolia for a week already.
Still suffering the post trip syndrome.
Happy to come back to home, so that I don’t need to:
1. sharing toilet without gender separation when the cubicle is not really well covered.
2. eat more food other than beef, carrots, lamb, and BEEFssss.
3. sleeping with all kind of bugs, not sure is rats or just big fat squirrels, but it just look like rats, and squirrels sneaking across the ger. Thankfully I am not one sleep with mouth open. My friend just wear mask just in case.😅 and We sleep on a proper bed with frame.
4. Get to wash hand after loo in public toiletIMG_20170712_120619_HDR
That tiny box. though it is tiny. but need so much courage to step into it. The smell gosh. way too pungent. A hole as deep as 1- 2 storey high with thousand years human waste and rubbish that never disposed. With only 2 small wood platform to step on it. Balancing skill is needed.

But I miss
1. the star gazing night. the milky ways which I can never see in the city which lights will never shut.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
That man drinking beer under a beautiful sky.
I can never get bored by looking at the stars for hours. Some giant star move with speed, which i suspect is some planet.  Countless of shooting stars, what you need is to reduce eyes blinking. Hahaha.

2. the Zen. standing in the middle of the endless greens, very blue sky, feel like you are so tiny standing in front of the mother nature, the peacefulness flush into me, my soul. You feel you and nature combine into one.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

3. I miss my oppa. Seriously, they (those in the city) just dress as trendy as kpop stars, with the similar hair style, similar make up for the girls. I can’t tell the difference. Their convenient stores sell Shim Ramen, all sort of korean instant noodles, Lotte choco pie. For a second I really thought I am in Korea.

4. Road trips. Frequent stop to let sheeps, camels, horses, cow, yak to cross the road. Cows just refuse to move.IMG_20170720_114646
5. Rainbow. More and more rainbow by any chance so long after a rain.WhatsApp Image 2017-08-07 at 15.44.07

I should be back one day.

The end.


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