Tsagaan Suvraga – White Stupa Mongolia

Hello all the way from Mongolia. 😁

my first sight seeing after so many days of traveling 

wow! i thought my first colouful earth wall will be in Peru’s rainbow mountain. See those tiny human standing on it. looking at its brightness didnt know it was 8pm already. 

it was a sea bed which left some minerals that changes colour as per temperature change. 

Since is summer time. The sun rises at 4 ish am and starts to set at 8.45pm. 

my accommodation. pretty glam tourist gear.

Cafeteria. a place where not only to settle our meal. to supply power to charge phones, cameras (power only supply at 8.30pm). It also a common hall for everbody to make friends chill out. Oh! They have fan too. (asian problem, we need to feel air ventilation.- wind! a room without fan or aircond make me/ us feel uneasy. 

OH i will like to talk bout the toilet! let me take photo first when there is empty. 



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