Boiling Fires, Rain Showers, Swings in emotion

Offensive Questions during trips

Travelling as a Malaysia Chinese often face the following annoying questions:

1. Are you from China
In my brain:  *roll eyes up* just because I have chinese face, I don’t wash my feet on hand basin Okie? Neither I cut queue, or do aggressive shopping okay!
my mouth: Nice smile– No. I m Not. I am from Malaysia. A malaysia Chinese. My ancestor were from China.

Here come another more annoying question

2. Why didn’t you use scarf to wrap your head, (we call it tudung)?
In my brain : Are you serious! I have said I m CHINESE. NOT MUSLIM!
From my mouth: Awkward smile. I’m chinese. We are not muslim, hence we don’t need to practise that.

Then come another even more boiling question, which made me have to fly to Poland to look for my eye ball because I have rolled up that much 😒!

3. Do you eat pork? 
In my brain: HELLLO!! How many times you want me to repeat?
From my mouth: Not so smiley anymore. We still eat pork like other Chinese in the world. We love pork too! We drink too!

Then they got confused go back to Question 1. Then you must be from China??  SERIOUSLY!

Q2  and Q3, I don’t blame, I m more than willing to tell stories bout how do we, the Malays, Chinese, Indian, Other native look like.
But Q1 I will be so sensitive. We feel sensitive. Why can’t you say Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore?


Now I am in the Siberian Train from Beijing. Should reach Mongolia in 27 hours time. A new adventure.



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