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Sovereign Hills, Ballarat

After an exhausting day in Grampians, I continued my journey to Ballarat which was 1.5 hours away.  This is also my last stop before I get back to CBD.

first to arrive, last to leave

Sovereign Hill
It was a gold mining place that converted into mining museum and they preserve everything well enough that make the visitor have a turn-back-time moment.

I bought package deal which includes the followings:
1. 2 days entry tickets
2. comfortable stay accommodation with scrumptious buffet breakfast
3. tea time – 2 very LARGE scones and a cup of coffee/tea
4. mine tour.

(I’m strongly, highly, whatever recommend you buy this package, honestly 1 day visit is kinda very rush, especially if you are bringing kids along.)

Plan your to-visit-area wisely if you have only one day.
My suggested activities as follows  :
10.00 open, take the map layout start planning or you just follow mine, then proceed for gold mine tour booking.
10.30a.m- Red hill mine tour – HUGE GOLD NUGGETS
11.00a.m- Blacksmith
11.30a.m-gold mine tour (please book once you arrive, is a MUST!) 1 hr duration
1.00p.m- gold pouring
1.30p.m- red coat soldiers (marching, gun firing)
2.00p.m-sweet making
2.30p.m- candle making (I skipped this for  bowling time)
3.00p.m- musket firing
3.30p.m- quick tea time at new york bakery to redeem the coupon
4.30p.m- Gold panning (look for gold flakes, a lot of patience is necessary).
Golden treasure is an informative gold museum. but I conveniently skipped it as i have visited it and I need more time to pan for more gold!
“DO NOT GET ON MY CAR LATER until you get me a gold watch!😈”, I constantly reminded them to work harder. HAHAHA!

My suggested plan is just in time to catch up everything without need to go back and forth from place to place as it is huge area. (a lot of walking is necessary). Please check for latest timing upon arrival just in case any amendment made.
Can you feel it is so rush? I didn’t have time to eat until 3.30 (luckily I had overloaded breakfast😋 . IMG_20160915_170751_HDR

Gold flakes! To pan the gold, first scoop a pan of mud/sands (the deeper the better, not too much), remove the big stones, then use index finger bit by bit remove the sand/ mini stones until you see the shiny gold flake. repeat until you find it!
(If you visit during winter, HAHA! I hope your index finger still with you at the end of the day.😁)
Sovereign hill is also a popular school trip area, there were two cute students panning for gold near us. We even taught them how to pan for gold, but they didn’t find anything. So we gave them some flakes to brighten up their day,  (boy you need to have MORE patience, and MOREEEE patience)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

colourful teapots 😘😘

During my first visit, i left sovereign hills with a wish, I will be back. Now I returned to the same place
and left it with my second wish. – I will be back again.

p/s: My aunties enjoyed themselves so much. They walked the whole hill with excitement. (which i start to think maybe gold relief aching muscles 👀)


The end.


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