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Grampians Victoria- a hike to remember

Day 5- Day Trip in Grampians
From Great Ocean Road, now we have reached Grampians.
Upon request by guest, I have included Grampians into itinerary, which is new place to me. As I had 3 elderly ( average 60-70 yo) , 3 at 40’s, relying on 3 at 20’s to look after.   GRAMPIANS

I drove to Sundial Carpark to hike to The Pinnacle, since it is the nearest point.
My mistake was, I thought the route is children friendly rather that is more children friendly if compared to other starting point.
But in fact is NOT FRIENDLY AT ALL. (is do- able, just extra care is necessary.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Have to climb through this uneven stone. My asian elderly, be carefullllllll…
But at the end they didn’t make it to look out point. They stopped at the 2nd-last point where they were satisfied with the view. (They were exhausted. But I’m proud for their determination, since it was drizzling all the way, the path were slippery, slanting, crooked, they have done their best.)
Which I’m glad that they didn’t. The last few steps were more difficult.

The view is breath- taking. Appreciate if the mist wasn’t there for a clearer view.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was a long hike. It took 3 hours to complete the whole journey.

is not easy😌😌


The elderly worse memory in Melbourne is well compensated with Coolas Icecream.
Which I did not have a proper photo of it. I was indulging myself with its rocky salted caramel icecream ( MUST TRY! MUST MUST TRY!) when I thought of taking, the ice cream has gone into my stomach. Oh, the kangaroos lingering around the distracted me too😜.

Then we continue our journey to happy memory land- Sovereign Hills, Ballarat.

Suggested itinerary
2D1N- there are some waterfalls to visit, and more hiking to be done.
Extend the journey to The Murray River . (stay in boathouse, visit winery) which i secretly hope that I will cover it one day.

If you have followed my previous Melbourne trip post, and do an extensive cover as per my suggested itinerary, you should have been in Day 10 (at least) by now, yet the journey has not come to an end.

p/s: This trip was in September 2016. These elderly still haunt me for their hiking memory until today. (the scary path, the awesome view, the muscle ache that last for weeks). Just skip this spot if you are on family trip, regardless any request were made during the planning. (Painful part of being volunteer organiser .)

p/p/s: Check weather forecast, no point going through all the slippery path, worrying might slip off cliff and say bye bye to the world, when you still have so much things to do.  walk under the rain, at the end you got a MISTY-ly breath- taking view that might make you want to go through everything again.

The end.


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